What are the necessities of disabled bathrooms?

To make sure that the disabled people are able to do some of their jobs themselves, there is a need to focus more on the life style of the disabled people. While designing a bathroom for them, the things that will help them move around and do their chores themselves must be given the first priority. The necessities of disabled bathrooms include:

· An accessible lighting system:

The first thing to consider is the illumination. It must be sufficient and the switch of lights must be in the reach of the disabled people. If anyone is in a wheelchair, he or she must be able to switch on the bathroom lights while sitting on the wheelchair.

· Things that are easy to use and appropriate for them:

The designs of the bathroom of those who are handicapped include several specially designed equipments. For example, transfer benches are kept in the bathroom to make the movement from one place to another easy. Similarly, grab bars, accessories, bath tub lifts, raised toilet seats, portable commodes, self wipe aid and shower aid are also installed in the bathroom.

· Safety lock system:

Special alarms and safe locks must be installed in the bathroom so that in the case of emergency, easy access to the inside of the bathroom is possible. The builders who provide the bathroom services also offer roofers Birmingham services

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